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Tick Supported Mobile Phone Brands  
  Blackberry - Apple iPhone - HTC - Vertu - Nokia - Sony Ericsson - Samsung - LG - Panasonic - Motorola - Alcatel and many more.
Please contact us for more information 0207 351 2801.
Tick Liquid Damage Phone  
  We repair liquid and water damaged mobile phones including the latest iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. Water damaged mobile phones that have been in direct contact with any kind of liquid; even moisture within a room can be a problem. Here at Electroclinic we have a very good success rate in repairing these kinds of problems, so please if you have a liquid damaged mobile phone then why not let us have a look and maybe even save you from purchasing a new handset.  
Tick Charging Faults  
  Mobile phone charging faults are usually easy to diagnose and quite easy to rectify most of the time. Mobile phone charging faults can be identified by the following symptoms: You are unable to charge the phone. The phone charges for a short period of time only. The charger will not fit correctly into the charging block. The phone shows a full charge but the charge lasts only a short time. Just bring your phone to EC, and we'll diagnose the exact problem and fix it.  
Tick Speaker / Microphone Faults  
  There are many things people can go without but a defective speaker, microphone or ringer on a mobile phone is not one of them. These are key functions in the effective use of a mobile phone and without them a phone is rendered useless. EC is the leader in this type of mobile phone repair service and offers a specialized three in one speaker, microphone and ringer repair service with a flat diagnostic and repair fee. EC is now offering specialized services in mobile phone speaker, microphone and ringer repair.  
Tick LCD Screen Replacement  
  Have you dropped your mobile phone and smashed the LCD or has your phone developed a "white screen", your phone doesn't power on, board is damaged, keypad not working, need to repair any of these problems, look no further, please visit our store for an immediate quotation or contact us on 0207 351 2801.  
Tick Touch Screen, Digitizer Replacement  
  If you have broken or cracked the touch screen, but the LCD display underneath is intact and shows no damage and the screen image is still visible without any black ink spots or bleeding. Then the touch screen / digitizer component can be replaced.  
Tick Power Up Faults  
  We are specialists in repairing most new generation mobile phones from major companies. Although the mobile phone has a universal power supply which requires no modification, the unit can become faulty due to voltage compatibility issues when the unit needs to be operated in a region, where it is not intended to be used. The power variations can directly affect  motherboard. At EC, we can foresee such issues and provide immediate solution.  
Tick Housing / Cover Replacement  
  We have a wide range of mobile phone housing and covers.Visit our store and replace the housing/cover for your phone.