All About Social Networking

Manage All Your Social Media Accounts At Once


Social networking, a tool that is used for not only communicating with others, but also sharing information as well as advertising. The majority of users have multiple accounts on many different social media websites. It's a bit difficult to manage them all at once. Many users may always be on the go or don't want the hassle of managing each account separately, which is why there are now multiple apps who allow you to send multiple posts on multiple accounts with just a press of a button

In this article, we are going to list a selection of useful apps that you can use on your mobile device or computer system. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. But in order to have full access, you may have to purchase a plan in order to gain more advanced features.


This social media publishing mobile app enables users to post any content through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some may want to schedule their posts for a later time. This app also enables you to pull together any relevant multimedia content from various different websites such as; YouTube, Flickr, Instagram as well as RSS feeds and be able to publish them to your social media accounts. This app also includes a tool that enables users to shorten link. It is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. This app does have a free version and different monthly price plans. The free version is limited, you will have to post a tweet in order to acquire the free version.



This is a free and paid app, however the free version does not include more features compared to the paid price plans. For individual users, they can either get the free account or pay around £8.00 a month in order to have access to more features such as adding more social accounts, being able to schedule more posts at a time as well as having RSS feed and calendar integration.



This app pretty much does it all. However, it is not free. It has a desktop version and a mobile version. There are different price plans. For example, the pro version will enable you to contact 10 social media profiles, it has a content suggester tool which will enable you to post good content on your social media accounts, it has unlimited RSS integration, post scheduling as well as real time analytics. It's really good for individuals (bloggers, celebrities, internet personality), small businesses and of course large enterprises. 

Yes we know that social media can be a bit daunting and a bit too much of a hassle. However, there is always a way to make sure life is easier. Social marketing will not only allow you to share your personal content, but even more, it will allow you to share your professional and work content. You can advertise and share information with almost anyone who uses the internet. It's also important to mention that the use of Hashtags (#) is important in every post that you make on social media platforms. If you wish for your post to be seen and known, then the use of hashtags is very important, because most users nowadays search a keyboard through hashtags. It's basically become an internet trend that almost everyone is now using.

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