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A Detailed Guideline on Watches & Smartwatches

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It's rare to find a good watch, iWatch or e-watch (whatever you like to call it) specialist around. Luckily you've found the right place for all types of watch repairs. There's obviously a lot of factors that can cause your watch to become faulty. The most common type of damage to a watch is either smashed/cracked front panel, or it has been liquid damaged. And in both of these cases, they are repairable.

We know that watches (specially smart watches) have become very trendy in terms of fashion and portability, and at Electroclinic we offer high quality repairs and servicing to any type of watch, whether it's a mechanical watch or smart watch. Our watch specialists are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to service your watch. We know that technological brands tend to update their products on a yearly basis, so we make it a priority to keep up with the market in terms of repairs, servicing and accessories. 

On a daily and weekly basis, we receive a lot of different watches that we service. But the most common types of watches that we repair and the types of repairs that we do on watches are:

Apple Watches

Apple watches have become very common and trendy in the tech market, and this is we have made it one our main repairs. At Electroclinic, we first complete a full free diagnostics of your watch before moving on to the actual repair. The common types of damages theatre common with apple watches are:

- Broken or cracks on the glass.

- Cracks or scratches found in back panel.

- Cracked or missing crown cap

- Liquid Damage 

- Lock Button Damaged or Not Working

- iOS software not functioning properly (Doesn't unlock, freezes, doesn't run apps)

- Speaker Not Working

- Bent Apple Watch Case (Whole Panel)

Other Smartwatches (Samsung & Other Brands)

These watches are the cheaper versions of the Apple Watches and have their own functionality problems in some cases. There's a lot of brands selling different types of E-watches.

- Camera Replacement (only for some Samsung smartwatch)

- Battery Repair/Replacement

- Motherboard Restoration

- Liquid Damage Repair

- Replacement of Missing Parts

- Cracked Display

- Home Button replacement

- Speaker Replacement

Mechanical Watches

 These types of watches still have their integrity, as a lot of consumers prefer the classic style with hundreds of different designs, and when the watch stops working or the leather strap is ripped, it's daunting and expensive to get a replacement. So at Electroclinic we offer a wide variety of watch repair services such as:

- Battery Replacement

- Strap Replacement

- Metal Bracelet/Strap Readjustment

- Broken or Smashed Front Panel Glass Replacement

Why Consumers Buy Smartwatches?

Well, it's really simple, with the high rise in people wanting to be fit and healthy, smartwatches provide one of the main fitnesses features which is heart rate detector. The heart rate sensor measures the pace of your heartbeat when you are moving or still. And with the inclusion of third party fitness apps, it gives consumers the ability to track all their health and fitness data on their devices. Brands such as Garmin and Apple have made their newer generation smartwatches water resistant for up to 50 meters, meaning that if you are a swimmer or like running in the rain, these watches are resistant to water and won't become faulty (only if you don't try to soak them for a long amount of time). Smartwatches also give the ability to do on the go tasks such messaging, call notification, calendar management, voice assistant along with a lot more features. 

Why Electroclinic For Smartwatch and Watch Repairs and How To Book a Repair?

At Electroclinic, we have highly qualified watch and smartwatch specialists that can diagnose and repair any issues with your watch. Before Repairing your watch, we first give it a full free diagnostics and report any other issues to the client. We then try to repair the watch in the same day (within hours) or the next working day depending on the type of damage.

If you wish to book a watch repair with us, please click here and then it will redirect you to our watch repair page, you can then choose the make and model of the watch or smartwatch, then choose the problem from the dropdown list, choose the collection and delivery method and finally input the watches serial or IMEI number and security code (if you have one).

If you were unsure about something or needed to ask a question regarding your watch or device, please don't hesitate tocontact us via telephone; 02073512801 or email; You can also visit our website at for any other information regarding our services.