Apple's 2016 Autumn Keynote Event

Everything That Went Down & Product Releases

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For those Apple fans, the Apple October 2016 keynote event highlighted some cool new features on a couple of Apple's line-ups. Many Apple fans (such as us) did expect a huge line of products being released, however this was not the case in this keynote event. Apple only introduced a few releases which we really didn't expect after the amount of product line ups in the September 2016 keynote event. This was the 25th anniversary of Apple's first laptop (Apple PowerBook), in which apple decided to go all out on the MacBook Pro. In this article we're going to discuss the product line ups that Apple released last night, but we will be more focused on the MacBook Pro, as it was their feature product.

MacBook Pro

Before the release of this product, there were many leaks in regards to what to expect from this upcoming product. And some of those predictions were true. Apple did make the change of replacing the functions keys with an touch bar with the higher end 13 inch model and all 15 inch models

The overall design has been reduced to a thinner and lighter looking MacBook Pro. The overall thickness of the 13inch model is 1.49 which makes it around 14 percent thinner that the previous retina display MacBook Pro. In terms of weight, the 13-Inch MacBook Pro weighs exactly 1.37 kilograms according to Apple's website. The 15-inch model is only 0.06 cm thicker than the 13-Inch model and just under 500 grams heavier than the 13-Inch models. They have also made the trackpad more responsive and larger than previous versions.

The startup specifications on the 13-Inch MacBooks come with a i5 chip processor, and if customer would like to customise the processor to a higher i7 chip, then they would have to pay a much higher price tag. The 15-Inch models do come with a i7 processor as the starting specification, however if you wish to have a faster i7 process, you will be able to customise it and again will have to pay a higher price tag. 

The main feature of the MacBook pro was the touch bar. Apple has replaced all the function keys on top of the keyboard with a retina touch display bar as well as the features of being able to add a new tab on your browser, navigate between browser tabs as well as moving browser tabs. MacBook users can also use the touch bar feature to edit photos, resize photos and browse photos. In our opinion this feature is a major leap for apple, and it is a better alternative to a full screen touch display. The touch bar also enables users to login the machine through touch ID which makes it much faster for many users to login to the machine. Another announcement that was made was that one of the leading visual technology companies, LG, made a 5K display monitor specifically for the MacBook Pro, so you can imagine how high definition it would be when they say 5K. 

Other Announcements

 Apple didn't announce any other updates on any of the other MAC devices. The did however announce that the Apple TV is going to come with a new TV app. The new TV app for the Apple TV is basically a unified user interface for the content from apps that a user has installed. This app also enables users to sign in with only a single login method, which then automatically signs the user into the new apps as the user has added them to a device. This app is designed and is compatible with the iOS devices as well, enabling users to have access to the exact same content via the same authorisation method throughout all devices. Apple has announced that the TV app will be available as a free update later on this year, so keep an eye on those software updates.

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