Broken Screen

Step By Step Guide In Fixing a Broken Screen

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 The majority of smartphone users don't know how damaging a broken or smashed screen can be to the internal hardware of a smartphone. According to multiple resources online, it has been known that less than half of British smartphone users walk around with a broken smartphone. These statistics also tell us that these users don't bother fixing their phone and think just because they're receiving messages, emails and calls, that their mobile is working perfectly fine. 

We recommend that all smartphone's to be sent to us for repair. Trying to fix a smartphone by yourself is a very risky job and at most times consumers tend to cause more damage than good, which then leads to a costly repair when sent for repair. Our screen replacement price cost just under £80 which includes a free tempered glass screen protector, so it's better to pay that price now, instead of paying a greater cost over a botched smartphone repair. We only use professional equipment and materials to replace your smartphone's device. Using any third party or fake screens can lead to loss of functionality or even short circuit.

At Electroclinic, we have a very careful and organised process in fixing your broken screen. In today's article, we have listed the process for the screen replacement of an iPhone. It's good to know that the iPhone screen replacement repair process is very similar to other smartphone screen replacements, there is  minor differences such as the type of material of the smartphone, where the screws are placed and of course the screen size.

1 - Book Your Repair:  book your screen replacement repair. You can do this by going to our mobile phone repair page, in our website at  Once you have booked your repair and chosen your delivery and collection method, we will then repair the phone on the same day, as soon as we receive your device.

2 - Create Customer Report: As soon as we receive your device, we will book your device as well as the issues within our system so we have everything at hand. 

3 -  Initial Phone Diagnosis: Before unscrewing anything, we will first do a full free diagnostic in order to check if there are any other un-reported faults within the device. If there are additional issues with the phone, we will inform the client as well as update the initial system report. 

4 - Removing the Screws: We then start unscrewing the bottom screws (Note: same procedure should apply to other phones with un-removable batteries) using standard professional tools specifically for smartphones.

5 - Screen Removal: The screen is then carefully remove from the device, Our smartphone technician removes the first half of the screen very carefully with the suction cup, then uses a plastic tool to remove the rest of the screen. 

6 - Removing Internal Screws: There are some internal screws which are attached to the connector plates which is the thing that holds the front panel of your phone to the back panel. We also remove the unscrew the battery so that the mainboard has no power. In this step we only use plastic tools in order to avoid short circuit to the phone

7 - Removal of Components: We will unscrew and remove all the components as well as the home button that are associated to the front panel so that we can transfer them into the new screen.

8 - Removal of LCD Backplate: This is the final piece of component that is removed, and it is a very sensitive process. This is the component that is attached to the shattered screen.

9 - Attaching Components & Connectors to New screen: Our smartphone technician then transfers and lines up all the previously removed components to the new screen.

10 - Testing Phase: We then start testing the newly replaced screen by dragging and dropping some icons to see all is working well.

11 - Placing the PCB Connector Back: We then attach the PCB connector back by re-screwing the screws exactly the way they were before.

12 - Secure The Screen Back in Place: We then make sure that the new screen is fitted back in place my making sure it's clipped in as well the initial bottom screws placed back in.

13 - Update Record & Inform Client: We then update the initial booking record and inform the client that the repair on their device has been completed. 

14 - Return Device To Client: If the customer has chosen a postage delivery method, we package the smartphone carefully in protective packaging and use recorded delivery to send the device back to the customer.

So there you go, our 12 step process in replacing an smartphone screen. As you can see there are a lot of delicate steps to go through, which is why it is vital that it's done by an mobile engineer. Our only recommendation to you is that you don't delay sending in your device because there could be additional wounds to the device that you may be unaware of.

Electroclinic offers a wide variety of smartphone services to our customers, whether it’s software support, data recovery or physical damage to your device, we can fix it. If you are unsure about something or if you need any type of support, you can call us on 02073512801 or email us at [email protected] You can also visit our website at to check out the variety of IT services we provide.