Cloud Computing

Are Business Are Better Off Using Cloud Computing As Well?

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Before explaining the benefits of using cloud computing, we first need to explain the who concept of it, and in simple words, cloud computing enables users to access and store information and data within an external location online. Most people use cloud computing on a day to day basis without knowing that they are using it. If you use services such as social media websites, streaming on Netflix, checking your bank out, checking you email or using Google Drive then that means you are accessing and using the cloud. It's safe to say that cloud computing or cloud storage can be a great addition to a companies data, meaning that they can backup their locally stored data on private cloud servers which enables them to upload and manage data.

Here are some benefits of Business adding cloud computing as an addition to their physical computing and storage:

Collaborative: Employees will be able to quickly work on project and document collaboratively and being able to edit and view documents in real-time with other members of a project which are not in the same location. This allows coworkers to use their efficient time working on a project without any interference.

Reliability: If by any chance a physical machine becomes faulty, a physical hard drive becomes corrupted or a piece of paper gets ripped or lost, cloud computing is the best tool for back up and recovery. 

Scalable: Cloud computing enables business to scale back and forth on the services they are paying. Therefore there would be no financial pressure to the business to continue with a expensive fixed planned. Most cloud computing services have no contract or commitment, which means that businesses are able to cancel their services at whichever date they want.

Eco-Friendly: Because cloud computing is an online service, it allows business to reduce the amount of servers being used within the business which leads to less use of electricity or energy.

Speed: Cloud computing can run online apps and website very quickly and efficiently. Companies such as Google and Amazon have also delivered fast SaaS (Software as a Service) to businesses and this is why they are the most leading companies who provide the best cloud computing services.

Overall we think that businesses should host their web application and websites over a reliable cloud service. They should also use cloud storage such as the ones Google provides in order to backup important information. Electroclinic can provide reliable online services such as website hosting on cloud servers and backup on cloud storage. Please contact us by calling us on 02077515954 or email us at All our services and products are listed in our website at