Common Issues With Android

7 Common Problems That Come With The Android OS

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Every mobile platform has its own issues, but Android has been always facing problems down the line due to its hardware compatibility and software glitches on some Android devices. Nevertheless Android has been and it still is the most popular mobile platform in the current market. One of the major reasons that most consumers tend to go towards Android, is because of the level of applications it has in its Google app store as well as the freedom it gives to the consumers in terms of user interface manageability and control. However with all that being said, there always comes a bunch of problems and glitches that comes with Android. In this article, we are going to explain and discuss some of the main issues that are common within the Android platform as well as the solutions to fixing them.


Battery Drain

This issue usually applies to other platforms as well, but it applies to Android more due to the heavy processes it has as well as the power it takes from the internal components. An easy way to reduce the amount of battery drain is by changing some of the unnecessary settings that are turned on in your device. The brightness and location adjustments/setting can help to prolong your battery during the day. You can also switch off or close apps that are not being used and turn on the power saving mode on your device. 


User Interface Lags Or Is Slow

Certain android devices tend to have issues with the user interface slowing down or lagging as soon as their storage memory begins to fill up. The best solution to this problem is by increasing your storage by getting a larger SD card (if expandable) or buying cloud storage so you can install all you phone data online. You can also backup your data on a computer device and delete any data that are no needed anymore. You should also consider closing or deleting any apps that are not being used on a constant basis as well as the removing app cache from android setting. Also try to keep your live theme setting as simple and limited as you can.


Problems with Connectivity

This is a very common issue amongst Android users. At most times, the device will not connect to the cellular data or bluetooth. There's two easy methods in resolving this issue, you can switch on the 'Airplane Mode' for around 30 second and the switch it off, and you'll see that the connectivity will be working again. If not resolved, then the best option is to try and reconnect your device to the cellular network or bluetooth device by removing the networks or devices that it was set on, and reconnecting it from scratch.

Apps Crashing

In Android, apps tend to crash at the majority of the times. There could be a few reasons for it and it's important to know that it is fixable. The first reason that an app could be faulty is that it may not have been updated through the Google app store, in which case, you check for updates and update the app or turn on the automatic update on for future updates. The other reason that the app could be crashing is that the system software (operating) system is outdated and needs updating, this causes app and platform compatibility issues, so you always need to check that the Android platform is up-to-date. At times, the app could be having some temporary faults when running, and you can simply completely close it, and re-run it, or if it continue to crash remove it from your device and re-install, and it should be working.

WIFI Connection Issues

As always, when updating the system software (platform), there is a few cracks and issues that need to be tweaked. Wi-Fi is an issue in some Android users, and in the multiple reports, there have been a number of large users who were unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. The best method in resolving this issue is by doing exactly the same method as done with bluetooth and cellular data issues. Just simply switch on to airplane mode for 30 seconds, and switch off again, and see if there is connection. If it constantly kept happening, switch off the Wi-Fi on your device and switch it back again or re-connect to the router again by removing the Wi-FI network it was set on and re-connecting it.

Problems With Syncing

At certain times, your Android phone may experience some syncing problems with more than one of Google online services. This could have an impact on your vital data such as; email, calendar and contacts or any other services under your Google account. However many instanced you try to press the sync now option, the error will still be present which will indicate that there is an issue with syncing at the moment and please try again at a later time. The easiest solution to this problem is by turning of all your network settings (Wi-Fi & Cellular Data), then switching off you phone, and then turning back the device on, finally turn the Wi-FI or Cellular Data back on and try to sync again.

High RAM/Memory Usage

High memory usage is very common in Android devices, this is due to the poor code quality of those who develop these apps, which then leads to a drainage of RAM availability. Certain buggy apps require way too much unnecessary memory when they are not even being executed or used. In order to fix this issue, you need to first pinpoint the dodgy apps that are draining away the devices memory resources. If your android device has low memory or low hardware resources, then it’s more likely affected by these rogue apps. Once you’ve identified the problematic apps, you should then remove them from your device or use the memory used by apps settings in your Android settings. You should also remove any spam or marketing apps that are sometimes installed automatically with the apps you manually choose and install.

So there it is, seven common and popular issues when it comes to Android smartphones and its functionality. It's also important to point out, that nearly all mobile platforms have bugs and some functionality issues at first, but they usually tend to come around it with software updates. 

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