Data Recovery & Backup

What To Do When All is Lost

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Losing data is very common to the average user, and it's even worst when the data is very important. There are many scenarios in which data is lost, whether it's infected or corrupt data, human error, natural disaster, hard drive failure or anything else. In all these cases the data can always be recovered if you send it to a data recovery technician, and at Electroclinic we have the right team and the right tools.

The only way that data can not be recovered is if there is drastic and severe damage to the physical machine or hard drive component. Even if the hard drive or computer is formatted (meaning wiped out), there is still a chance that the data can be recovered. Due to the fact that most home and some business users forget to back up their data, they tend to have a large amount data loss when something goes wrong, so we always advice that data should be backed up via an external method of storage. One way to find out that if the hard drive is failing is to see if there is a clicking noise or if your operating system encounters a error in regards to the hard drive, at this point it is time to send it in to us for recovery and repair. 


A lot of users think that they can recover their data through free software tools from the internet, but remember, these software tools are limited in terms of recovering your data and could at most times be malicious. It can sometimes make matters even worst by removing important files your have. So in this case, it's always better to send your system or hard drive to us. We have all the recovery tools at hand, so we'll be able to use all the possible methods into recovering your data.

How Electroclinic Saves Your Data?

1) Before anything, we first record all the clients detail as well as the issues the client is facing with their data or hard drive and what they would like us to recover or repair.

2) The next thing that we will do is to save the data by creating a clone image of the data into another hard drive. We only use professional software tools for this step.

3) We give the hard drive a full diagnostic to determine what the cause of the data loss was or if there was an issue with the hard drive itself.

4) We will then begin recover and fix the original hard drive (if faulty) so that we can put your data back into your it.

5) If the data in the system is corrupt, we will recover and restore the data by using a professional recovery software tool.

6) After the hard drive, system and data has been tested and double checked for any other issues, we then update the clients record in the system and notify the client of the restoration and recovery of their data and/or hard drive.

7) We then package the hard drive or system back using protective packaging and give the client back their item depending on the method of product delivery they choose.

How We Backup Your Data after it Has Been Recovered?

- Once the data has been recovered we will check the client record to see the method that they wish to back up their data. 

- There are many different ways we can backup your data for you, whether it's cloud storage, external hard drive backup, existing hard drive (if working) or new internal hard drive. We can provide all the online backup services as well as selling new external or internal hard drives.

It is best that you send your system or hard drive to us as soon as possible in order for us to recover the data before any further corruption has occurred to the data. For more information on our data recovery and backup call us on 02073512801 or email us at [email protected] Your can also visit Electroclinic's website at