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In our previous blog post, we discussed which type of computer system one should buy (Notebooks or Desktops). In this article we will talk about the operating systems that are currently available and which one is best to buy with a computer. At the moment there are three main operating systems that are heavily competing with each other. And each of them have their ups and downs. Certain consumers have more trouble choosing an operating system rather than a computer make or model itself. There are obviously many factors to consider when choosing a operating system for your computer such as; user friendly interface, security, variety of applications it supports, productivity and obviously cost. 

Certain users like to install a new operating system in their existing systems or like to install two operating systems in their machines. But it is important to know that windows compatible computer systems can only have Windows or Linux operating systems installed on it. However Apple computers have the compatibility for any type of OS installations, whether it is windows, linux or MAC.

In order to choose the right operating system for your machine, we have listed a variety of operating systems that are popular in the present time and the different versions that consists within the.

Windows OS:

This desktop operating system is probably one of the most popular desktop platforms all over the world, it's manufacturer is Microsoft which is one of the big tech companies globally. It is the very user friendly and is used for personal, work and editing purposes. The majority of software and hardware companies are compatible to this operating system due to its popularity. There is also a wide variety of computer systems available on the market which have Windows OS built within them, and they range from roughly around £200 to thousands of pounds depending on the build quality and hardware specifications of the machine as well as the brand. Windows currently has a few versions of operating systems that are used for personal and professional purposes, here are a few of the ones are still being used my businesses and average consumers:

  • Windows 7: This version of Windows OS was released in 2009. And it quickly became very popular amongst users. It has a lot of features such as, user friendly interface, low hardware hardware requirements, software compatibility, stacking feature which enables the user to drag and stack opened windows amongst each other and finally touch capability which enables users to use this OS on some touch screen devices.

  • Windows 8 & 8.1: When this version of Windows was released in 2012 and 2013, it was not very popular amongst windows users. Some even regretted upgrading from windows 7 to Windows 8. One feature that was missing in this version of Windows was the start menu, this feature was replaced with a graphical interface which the majority of users hated using, specially on their desktop and notebook systems. In our opinion this version of Windows would have been better of to be released as a tablet or mobile operating system (which later on it did) rather than as a desktop operating system. In terms of start up time and performance, Windows 8 might have been the winner, because it was more quick and efficient, however, the user interface was the only feature that almost all the users hated. This caused Microsoft to come up with a new version of Windows that was basically Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in one.

  • Windows 10: Microsoft did themselves a real solid after releasing this version of windows in 2015. The majority of those who were stuck on Windows 8 as well as those who still had Windows 7, upgraded to Windows 10. This operating system was truly the best of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The start up time was faster, the performance was efficient, the security aspect of it was and is MUCH better than the previous versions and finally the user interface was very user friendly, it had both the look and feel of Windows 8, but with the addition of the start menu of Windows 7, which gave relief to many Windows users

  • Windows Server: This operating system is primarily used for enterprise and business level operations such as, applications management, data & storage management. This type of Windows operating system is very complicated and requires the use and management of professional IT administrators or technicians. Windows servers also focus on security, networking features as well as a variety of file system enhancement. The latest version of Windows server (Server 2012 R2), focuses primarily on cloud computing, which basically means, enabling admins and users to have access to the server over the cloud by using advanced configurations.

Windows has many great features as mentioned above, however it lacks a couple of aspects in terms of security and MAC OS compatibility. You see, with Windows operating systems there are still a lot of malware (viruses) compared to MAC OS. When starting up a new PC or after a new windows has been installed, users often see a lot of bloatware (unnecessary pre-installed software), they can obviously be removed, however they use too much disk space as well as RAM. Another downside to Windows operating systems is that they are not very cheap, in order to buy one license which can only be used for one machine, it will cost around £170 if purchased from Microsoft. 


MAC desktop OS is built by Apple, which is another one of the leading tech companies which deals with both hardware and software products. MAC operating systems are only built for Apple computer only, however there are certain tech geeks who enjoy building their own Macintosh machine by only using MAC compatible hardware (which is not very easy to find). Another great thing about MAC computers in general is that users can install Windows OS on them, whereas on Windows machines, it can not be done due to hardware compatibility issues.

When it comes to web applications, MAC OS is the winner. And when it comes to security MAC OS has far less malware than Windows, it also comes with less bloatware. MAC offers free basic productivity softwares within its platform such as; photo, video and music editor, Pages (similar to Word), Keynote (similar to Powerpoint) and Numbers (similar to Excel). MAC operating system is very user friendly it has a very basic front menu, which includes all the apps that the user wishes to include in it, as well as a launchpad which enables the user to view and run all the apps that are installed in the machine. MAC also enables users to organise their apps into different folders with just the click and drag function. Softwares such as; Adobe Creative Suite and video editing software function better on MAC operating systems than Windows. The MAC operating system license is much much more cheaper than windows, it usually costs under £15 for a license that can be bought in the app store. 

MAC also has a desktop operating system built for servers (macOS Server), it includes many features such as; advanced file sharing, advance user management, system restore & backup features, software development feature and advanced networking features. It's obviously not as advanced as the Windows Server OS, but it is efficient and very convenient in terms of cost.

When it comes to gaming, MAC OS does offer a great gaming experience for users. Due to the not so great graphic card in their machine, and lack of gaming software compatibility, it falls behind of windows. Windows operating system is compatible to a wide variety of game titles. It is also important to quote out that compared to Windows, MAC OS does not offer many applications.


Linux OS

When it comes to freedom, the Linux operating system is the winner. One great advantage of this operating system, is that most of its versions are free to download and install in however many computers without the need of a license for each one. Unlike Windows and MAC operating systems, Linux systems have a lower chance of crashing, and when they do, it is not as bad as Windows 'blue screen of death'. Even though malware for linux does exist, it's not as much as the amount of malware that are designed for Windows. Hackers tend to design more malware specifically designed for Window operating system due to the simplicity and popularity. Another great aspect of Linux is that it comes with a variety of versions and sizes, which can also include a variety of different features and functions. 

One disadvantage that Linux operating systems have, is that they do not run windows application or softwares. This operating system also down not have great driver support for additional devices. There is also limited features and configuration for businesses and enterprise level consumers. Gaming is also a limitation when it comes to Linux operating systems, this is mainly due to the fact that Gaming softwares and platforms are mostly commercial and have unique and individual capability in which Linux can not provide at the majority of times.

So there you have it, our article on desktop based operating systems. Remember most of the desktop platforms now days have similar features and functionality. There's no winner here, it all depends on specific features and performance when it comes to choosing a platform. The best thing to do before going for a new machine, is to test them out by using a relatives PC or go to the computer shops and test out the operating system features on the machines that are on display.

Electroclinics Desktop Platform Services:

There has been times where we had users have many problems with the functionality of their operating systems and software installed on their machines. We provide software and desktop platform services such as; re-installation of operating system, system recovery, new installation of operating system, operating system upgrade, operating system setup and management, malware and spam removal, server platform installation, server platform management and maintenance. We cover all current and existing operating systems ranging from, MAC OS, Windows OS, Linux as well as mobile operating systems such as; iPhone iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS.

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