Electronic Recycling

Why It's Important To Recycle Your Old Electronic


There are many different reasons that electronics should be recycled. One of the main reasons is to obviously reserve our natural resources as well as energy. Most electronics come from raw materials from the earth, and extracting them is not only difficult, but causes great damage and manipulation to the earth. This is why we recommend all our customers to sell their phones to us

Materials such as; metals (gold, silver, copper, aluminium and many more) and plastics can be re-used and recovered by recycling companies and factories. These materials also include toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials such as; cadmium, mercury, chromium, lead, beryllium as well as other flammable retardants which have the probable chance to pollute the water and soil of this planet.  

Here are some facts about e-waste that we think everybody should know:

- It has been estimated that over 20-50 million tons of electronic waste is disposed on an annual basis
-Electronic items which contain great amounts of expensive and precious metals such as; silver or gold. A lot of people in the United States have dumped over 60 million dollars worth  of silver and gold every year.

- Back in the 1990s, many international governments such as; EU countries, US and Japan started setting up e-waste recycling factories and systems. However a lot of other countries did not have the capability or the budget to implement such systems due to the large quantity of electronic waste produced each year. 

Huge tech companies such as; Apple, have started to make huge efforts into using materials and environments to reduce their carbon footprint. They do this by fuelling their retail shops and data centres with energy that is renewable. In their products, they also use suitable designs and efficient packaging to reduce waste. Apple claims that 99% of their paper packaging is based on recycled materials. Apple is also the only company which has kept arsenic and mercury away from their screens, which makes it much more eco efficient. In Singapore, Apple has used solar panels in their factories in order to get natural renewable energy. It is very expensive to implement such strategies into manufacturing a product through an eco efficient process, but companies such as, Apple have demonstrated that it can be done if you invest on equipment such as; solar panels and recycled paper. 

At Electroclinic we believe that trading in or recycling your products is a must. Old items that are not repairable or usable should be recycled. Electroclinic offers a trade-in service where you are able to trade-in any used or new device for cash. You can contact us to get a quote by by calling us on 02073512801 or drop us an email at [email protected]