Holiday Troubleshooting

Quick Troubleshooting Tips To Know Over The Holidays


We all know that holidays in general are a great time of the year to spend some time with friends and families. In these moments, people tend to pass on information in regards to different subjects, of course one being technology. If you are the techie amongst your friends and family, then there are many tips you can show them or explain to them. Almost each and every IT literate individual has come across a basic computer related question. Here are a few basic tips on how to troubleshoot computer systems which might come in handy over the holidays.

1 - Uninstalling unnecessary apps and programs

Many IT/Computer literate individuals know that, deleting a program from the control panel or deleting a app icon does’t permanently remove the program from your system. In order to wipe it completely, you will need to manually remove the program and it’s program data. In windows, you will first need to go to the ‘Control Panel’ to delete the program first and then restart your system (in some cases there’s no need for a reboot). You will then need to go to program files on your primary/bootable hard disk, and then remove that specific program’s remaining data. On Mac systems to completely remove an application, you must download and install a decent third party app that removes a application completely. You will also need to make sure to empty the recycle bin when you delete files or folders.

2 - Remove the cache, cookies and the browser history

Most of our daily task is to browse and surf the inverter over a internet browser. And in many instances users tend to nag that their browser or computer is lagging. However the common issue for most users is that the websites on their browsers are not popping up quickly as before. Well a simple solution in to remove the cookies (virtual cookies, not real baked ones :D), cache and the history. A cache is basically a temporary storage solution for the data that is required to load a specific website. Cookies on the other hands, are tiny bits of data in regards to how you interact or use a particular website. And the history is obviously a list of the websites you have previously accessed. On your internet browser, navigate to the settings or internet options, and you can choose what you want to remove such as; cookies, history, website preferences, saved passwords and caches. 

3 - Remove spyware and malware

The Majority of users who are computer illiterate tend to click on spam, fake emails and browser pop-ups which may lead to many other issues within the system. Many even install third-party malicious apps which lead to an infected system and cause some performance issues. The best solution for this is to use a popular or handy anti-malware software which may help to detect and remove malware and spam. As a matter of fact, a handy gift will be to purchase a premium anti-malware software for those in need and also set it up for them while present.

4 - Emergency recovery

If you have no other choice but to recover or format the computer, then do so. In most cases, manufacturers have a recovery partition or CD which will enable you to roll back the PC to it’s manufacturer state. But having said that, make sure to back up everything first into an external storage. If you have no access to the internet or any other back up solution, just wait until you have a chance to send your system to us and we will do a full health check up of your device along with full software and hardware recovery.  

So there you have it, one of our Holiday articles, there are many more to come, so stay tuned. We hope you have a joyous and splendid holiday amongst your friends and family. And don’t forget to contact the EC team if you have any issues with your technology. You can send a quick email at [email protected] or call us on 02073512801.