iOS 10.2 Update

New Features on the Latest iPhone Software Update


Apple has released its latest software  called 'iOS 10.2' in mid December 2016. Along with this updates comes bug fixes as well as some exciting new features that we're all going to enjoy. Here's what this new software update has to offer...

Updated Emojis

Well who doesn't enjoy using emojis in their messages. The iOS 10.2 has added 72 new emojis to its emoji database. The emojis include categories such as; new professions, foods, animals and many more. Of course there always room for more and we are sure that Apple wouldn't disappoint when it comes to finding new ways for their consumers to communicate.

Camera Settings

A new feature has been released within the camera settings. The iOS 10.2 now enables you to preserve your last camera settings. So basically you can choose which photo filter to use every time you open the camera app. In order to access the new preserve camera settings, navigate to, settings>Photos & Camera>Preserve Settings and basically choose the options you wish to switch off or on.

Quick Response

There have been times where you were in the middle of writing a quick response in the quick response bubble and suddenly you lose it by switching to full screen. Well thanks to apple, this annoying little issue has been resolved, you can now resume where you left off through your messages app.

New TV App

The new TV app is basically used to replace streaming services and other third party apps. This app reveals TV content from various different resources which makes it easier for users as there will be no need to downloading a third party app.

Other New Features

There's also other new minor updates and features included in the latest update. The Photos app now has a better grouping and categorising different photos together. The music control from swiping up also includes repeat, shuffle and next. The 'News' app now includes a save option and section, which means you'll be able to locate and easily find your previously saved news articles from the news channels you previously followed, you can also swipe to the left in order to switch to the next article.

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