iOS 10 Issues

The Problems That Came With The New iOS 10

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The newest version of Apple's mobile platform (iOS) which operates Apple’s mobile devices such as; iPad, iPhones, has experienced some problem after the launch in September. Many millions of customers were able to have access to the free update as soon as it became available in the software update section from the iOS setting. There has been however, a various number of different reports over the internet on certain users reporting that their Apple devices are lagging or crashing.

The most common issues that people have had with the new update are:

  • Battery Drain: Yes, this update has caused lot battery problems with iPhones and iPads in general, and this is due to the heavy background process on some of the software settings.

  • Bricking iPhones: This means that your iPhone is frozen on the apple startup screen and wouldn’t nudge to the lock screen. Apple has fixed this issue at the moment. But if you have this issue after the second iOS 10 update, then you can call us and book in a software repair for the iPhone.

  • WIFI & Bluetooth Problems: If you have issues connecting to Bluetooth or WIFI, then all you need to do is reset your network setting and it should be all up and running.

  • Split View Issues: On the iPad, it seems that a lot of users have a problem with the split view. There's a very simple solution to this, and it's to restart your iPad. Then it should all be sorted out.

  • Siri Conflict: Due to the new unlock feature, meaning that you would have to press the home button in order to unlock your iOS device, it has caused Siri to activate at the same time, which is very frustrating. You can easily fix this by going on settings>Siri and turning off the first setting.

  • Missing Contacts: Some users have experienced their contacts have disappeared. The best method to fix this issue is by restarting the device a few times. 

So, we have listed a few issues within the new iOS 10. One thing to consider is that this software update has been implemented mainly for the new iOS devices and may cause major issues on the previous and older generation devices. If you have glitches such as device not turning on or has been frozen completely, then you may want to send your device to us. We can service it full and make sure that you don't lose any data on it. We also recommend all our customers to have a backup of their data on either iCloud (Apple's cloud storage) or on their computer system, this way if you lose data in anyway, you will always have a backup available.

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