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21 Popular iPhone Apps of 2016

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With the popularity of smartphones in the current age, developers are always looking for new ways to push their apps in to the smartphone market. iPhone is one of the popular smartphones consumers tend to buy, and with this statistic, apps are always flowing in the app store. This is why we have listed 15 of the most popular, entertaining and useful apps available for iPhones in 2016. We Won't put them in any order, because they are all great and useful, instead we will categorise them so that you won't become confused on what type category they belong to. Just a quick reminder that some of these apps can only be used in the United Kingdom.

Traveling & Navigation:

- Uber (free): For those who wish to book a safe and registered mini cab through an app.

- London Underground Map (free): Not sure about which station or line to head to, well not to worry, this app shows the entire tube map as well as a live map to show you the distance between your current location and the stations near you.

- Google Maps (free): This is the best map for finding addresses and routes. It has the most up to date routes as well as traffic updates. It also has offline maps for those who do not have access to the internet.

- Bus Checker (free): This is another very useful app which enables you to find out when your bus will arrive. It also shows the bus routes as well as the nearest stop of your location.

Social Media & Communication:

- Facebook (free): This app has been implemented very well on the iPhone and allows all users to access any part of their profile and pages very easily. You can also setup your Facebook profile on your iPhone setting in order to share any content from your iPhone.

- WhatsApp (free): A very popular and useful messaging app service as well as free calls to all your friends who also use WhatsApp. You can group chat, send media, share contacts, check your offline messages, share your location as well as configure your privacy and profile settings.

- Snapchat (free): If you enjoy posting photos for people to see, then download the Snapchat app. The majority of social media users post their daily activities in snapchat by taking photo snaps or short video's and collaborate them together in order to create a short story that will run for less then a minute or so.

- LinkedIn (free): Businesses and professionals have started using this app as a way to post their professional activities and services. Most users use this app as a way to present their professional profile (basically a online résumé). It's a very great app to use on the go and it's become very popular within the past year.

Games & Entertainment:

- Candy Crush (free): It has been known that a lot of people get addicted to this game, and it is true, it's a very fun and addictive game. It has a never ending levels and is always up-to date with seasonal themes such as halloween, christmas or spring.

- Netflix (free but need a paid account): If you have a netflix account, then you can easily stream your favourite tv shows and apps on your iPhone. You can also watch your media content from your iPhone to your tv via the airplay app, that is if you have an Apple TV product.

- Emoji (free): Need smiley faces and fun icons in your messages and social media posts, then this app is a must, it can be used in almost all the apps that are emoji compatible.

- Mario Kart (coming soon): This is an upcoming app developed by Nintendo. For all those who loved playing this game on their Nintendo consoles, then you'll be definitely excited about this app. The release date is possibly in the holidays (December 2016), nevertheless, to find out if it's been released yet, you can check on the app store for any updates.

- Shazam (free): Don't know a name of a song that is playing? well with this app, you can just press a button, and locate it next to the sound output, and then it detects the song. Very useful apps for those who party a lot.

- Youtube (free): Have direct access to any music video or other videos via the youtube app. A very easy and convenient app for those who like to  watch videos on the go.

News & Sport: 

- BBC News (free): This is a very great app for those who like to stay updated with the latest news around the world. This app also has a weather page which enables users to check the exact weather conditions within their location.

- BBC Sport: For those who are sport fanatics and enjoy having live updates on the action, then this app is the app for you. There are tons of sport updates you can choose from as well as personalising your own sport page in order to view updates on specific sports chosen.

- Feedly: This app is great for those who want to have updates on particular news websites, blogs or other specific websites. It specially great or those who want update on specific news categories such as; IT, business and finance. 

Utilities & Productivity:

- Banking Apps (usually free): If you're registered to a particular bank such as; HSBC, Natwest or American Express, then you should definitely get their iPhone bank, there's so much functions and features you could do with these app such as; checking your statements, payments, transfers as well as other online banking operations.

- Amazon (free): For those who like ordering their shopping online, then Amazon is a great app for them. You can do exactly the same functions as you do on their desktop website. It's fast, efficient and very reliable.

- Google Drive (free): Need to sync all your google data to your phone and have access to it? with google drive you can upload, view and edit any data stored on your google account.

- XE Currency (free): check all the currency rate via this app. You can also enter a specific amount from a specific currency to check what the rates would be. It has constant updates on currency rates, so you won't have to worry if the rates are out dated.

And there you have it, out list of 21 useful and popular apps that everyone can use. You should also know that some of these apps are connected through the internet, so make sure you have data or wifi available. In our opinion travel and banking apps are the most vital apps that everyone should have installed on their smartphones, because it enables you to do emergency and on the go tasks without needing access to a computer. 

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