iPhone Temperature Levels

What To Do When iPhone is at Extreme Temperatures?

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Whether the hot summary moths or the freezing cold winter winter months, the iPhone can be driven into extreme temperatures out of it's normal temperature zone. This is not a subject that one begins to care about much. Most iPhone users are more concerned with the liquid damage and the shattered screen on their iPhones. It is extremely important to know the standards at which the iPhone can operate and what to do when you see the temperature warning errors.

Low Temperatures

According to apple, the iOS devices can withstand and operate in temperatures up-to 0º-35º C (32º-95º F). They also provide none-operating temperatures in which the iOS devices can not withstand and will then not operate, these temperatures are set at -20°-45° C, although some iPhones stop working below those freezing temperatures. If an iPhone is used in a temperature below 0º C for a long time, then you will get a temperature warning message, telling you to start warming up your iPhone before using it again. There are two possible scenarios in which the warning message will appear, either you've placed your phone in your vehicle in a frosty weather condition, or you have had your phone out of your pockets for too long in again a frosty weather condition, there is also the case that you've left your iPhone near an open window which lets cold air in. In order to resolve this issue and get rid of that warning, you will have to start warming the device gradually, because if the device starts to get warm all of a sudden, then it may cause a shock to the iPhone's internal components which then leads to further consequences. 


High Temperatures

The iPhone can withstand to up-to 35ºC when exposed to temperatures above 0ºC. It is much easier to cool down your device rather than warming up your device. Having said that, exposing your iPhone or iPad to direct sunlight may cause rapid overheating, meaning that your device will overheat much faster than indirect heat. In some cases, users tend to over use their device by loading and running too many apps and other processes in which you will start to feel the top part of your iPhone start to heat up, in this case, it is recommended for you to stop using your device altogether and let it cool down. It is also known that certain iPhone devices can overheat connected to the charger, but as long as the temperature warning doesn't pop up on the screen, then you should be safe.

iPhone Overheating Temperature Warning 

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If in any case your iPhone's battery is effected due to the exposure of extreme temperatures, you must send it to us for repair. Electroclinic repairs all types of faults and issues with your iPhone, whether there is a issue with the battery, exposure to extreme temperature or liquid damage, we will be able to diagnose and fix the issue within the same day. You can contact us by calling us on 02073512801 or email us at info@electroclinic.co.uk. You can also visit our website at www.electroclinic.co.uk for information on the services and products that we offer.