Laptops or PCs Slowing Down

Why Laptops and PCs Slow Down and How to Resolve it

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When buying a brand new computer or laptop, there exhilarating feeling about it because it's look shiny and runs all the programs at a rapid pace, this however can  lasts from a few months to many years depending on the type of user. Every consumer uses their PCs or Laptops for specific tasks or activities. Once a new PC or laptop system is bought and is booted up for the first time, it runs really fast, well that simply because it's brand new and hasn't got a single data or program installed on it. As soon as files, programs are downloaded and ran simultaneously, it causes the  system to be full of files and program data which take over the system resources. Furthermore, there are a various amount of factors that can cause a system to slow down, we have pinpointed the primary causes.

 Software & OS Issues

Programs that are buggy or corrupt can cause the system to slow down. Some operating systems tend to become very buggy due to an specific update, executed malicious programs and missing or corrupt program data files. There is also that when you run too many programs at once, your systems CPU (central processing unit) will struggle to process tasks which then leads to your system to become very slow. If you also have a old system with a new version of a operating system, then it's very likely that is the cause of your machine slowing down, because it does not meet the hardware specifications of your machine.

Hardware Issues

Another major reason that your system could get very slow is due to hardware faults within the system. Hardware specifications such as RAM and Hard Drive could lead to a slow system. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory for your programs, and the more RAM your machine has, the more programs you will be able to run. Another major issue that users usually face, is the capacity of the hard disk. When the hard disk is up to 90% full,  the startup process takes longer because it has to search through the hard disk in order to find the startup files. Another thing that you might notice is that when your hard drive is full then it take a bit longer for all the files and folders to load. So in this case it is better to get another internal hard drive installed on your machine or buy a external hard drive to store your personal data.


Another major reason that your computer systems could be slowing down or overheating can be due to the excessive dust within the hardware components. In this case it's best to send it down to us and we will service it for you. Sometimes dust could cause the fan in your machine to be blocked and therefore there would not be any airflow within the machine which could cause overheating and your machine to drastically slow down. Trying to clean your machine will not help, because at most times, it could cause more damage to the hardware components such as; short-circuit to the main board or the processor.


If your machine is running very slow then there's obviously a problem, do not try to uninstall any programs or remove program data from the machine. This could cause more damage than good, and it can stop you from using a specific function or program in your system. Another thing that users tend to themselves is using their vacuum cleaners to clean out the dust from their machine, this is by all means WRONG, why you ask? Well it's simple, you can cause short circuit, the motherboard and CPU may get damaged (very likely). The best thing to do is to send you machine over (or choose another collection method), and we will service it for you using proffesional tools and software. Our bodies generates a lot of electricity, therefore when removing a hardware component with your hand, you're then transferring some of the electricity to the hardware components, in which case it would could failure or short circuit. 

The Steps Electroclinic Takes to Service Your Machine?

Electroclinic provides the best computer and laptop maintenance services. These are the steps we take to keep your machine running smoothly:

1) Before anything we first record all the initial system and manufacturer details along with the software or hardware faults reported by the client as well as backup any data that the client requires.

2) We then cut off any power to the machine including the battery (if it is a laptop.)

3) The machine is then opened very carefully by unscrewing the screws and opening the case.

4) We then carefully unmount all the hardware components and then start to carefully look for any issues within the components

5) We then start removing dust from the machine.

6) If any components needed replacing, we will replace them using only manufacturer and system compatible hardware components

7) Once we place all the components back into your machine, we then start to screw everything back together with the correct tools.

8) We then power the machine to make sure the hardware components are functioning well.

9) Once the startup test is complete, we then move on to the OS and software optimisation.

10) If the OS is corrupt then we will reinstall it by only using licensed operating systems (Windows, MAC OS ). If it is not then we will optimise the existing operating system.

11) We then install all the OS updates as well as the programs that the client requests to install or reinstall.

12) We then test the entire system to check that everything is working.

13) The client report is updated on the system and the client is informed of their working machine and the changes that were made.

14) The machine is packaged using protective packaging and given back to the customer depending on the delivery method.

One of Electroclinics specialities is to service and optimise slow machines, and we have the right tools, equiptment and licensed softwares to speed up your machine. It's always better to invest a little expense on getting your machine optimised properly by a professional rather than trying to do it yourself, hardware components are very sensitive and the slightest mistake can cause them to become faulty. We repair any

We recommend  that you send your system to us as soon as possible in order for us to restore and repair it. For more information on how you can resolve this lagging issue and book your repair, phone us on 02073512801 or email us at [email protected] Your can also visit Electroclinic's website at