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Microsoft's New All-In-One PC & Its Comparison With Apple's iMac

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After the release of the Surface devices, Microsoft has really been trying to compete in the making of it's own brands devices, and now they have been storming into Apples' iMac ground. According to the Microsoft website and multiple other reports, the new Microsoft Surface Studio is more than just an all in desktop computer, it allows you to adjust the screen in order to make it touchscreen usable. iMac however, does not have this feature available, which makes Surface Studio in lead. In this article we're going to breakdown the specification of these devices as well as the pro's and con's that they come with.

Microsoft has not fully released the product yet, however it is available for pre-order. The price tag of the Surface Studio is very hefty compared with the latest version and highest specifications of the iMac, but it does have it's advantages. Here are the specification of the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Studio

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Ok, so first of before we get into the details, we will first need to discuss what the Surface Studio really is. The Surface Studio is basically an additional device category to Microsofts' Surface line. It is an all in one desktop which enables users to do multiple tasks. It's safe to say that this product is good for those who are designers, photographers, video editors and website designers & developers. The Surface Studio is set to be released sometime around December 2016 and January 2017 according to multiple reports.


The surface studio has an outstanding 28-inch display in which the company states that it is the thinnest LCD display currently out in the market as it is only 12.5 millimetres in thickness. Microsoft also claims that the screen is PixelSense screen which basically means that it provides 13.5 million pixels which makes it a higher resolution than an 4K television. This display would be outstanding for designers and video editors, as it will enable them to edit and create high quality media content. It also has a great contrast ratio (1100:1), which will enable it to be viewed clearly from all adjusted angles. The display is also a touch or stylus display, which will enable users to manage and operate their tasks via their hands or a stylus pen which can also be bought from Microsoft. 

Studio Style

This is probably the biggest and main feature added to the Surface Studio. It enables users to adjust the height of the monitor to a 20 degree drafting screen. This setting has been implemented for the Surface stylus and Surface dial accessories. The Studio mode will also enable the users to lean on the screen just like real painting canvases without any interference to their work or project, this will allow designers and artists to naturally develop new artistic ideas.

Hardware Specifications

Graphics: The graphics that come with the Surface Studio depends on the type of model. The Lower and middle models come with the 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GPU GDDR5 memory' whereas the higher specification model come with the 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 4GB GPU GDDR5 memory'

Processor: The brain power of this All-In-One desktop is the Intel Quad Core i5 or i7 CPU chip which is also similar to to the iMacs processor. 

Storage: The hard drive storage is quite decent, the cheaper models come in 1 TB of storage whereas the most expensive model comes with 2 TB of storage. The type of hard drive that is built within the Surface Studio is called 'hybrid drive', which is basically another way of saying that it's a SSD drive.

Memory (RAM): The Surface Studio comes with 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of memory (RAM)

Front Camera: The all new Windows Hello2 face sign-in camera 5.0MP also comes with 1080p HD video recording.

Audio: This device has dual microphones which enables higher quality voice recording, it also has the dolby audio premium sound which makes it very efficient for audio and video playback as well as voice and video conferances.


The price is very expensive when compared with Apple's iMac. The minimum and cheapest model for the Surface Studio comes to a price of $2999.00 (£2,453.21 current currency rate), this price compared with the iMac is a huge leap, the highest hardware specs for the iMac is £1759. As you can see the huge price different. Again we think that the Surface Studio is way to expensive for the average consumer, and therefore recommend the iMac which is set at a more reasonable price with reasonable specifications. 

Comparison With iMac?

Well if we're going to compare this with the current iMac available, well there is not much of a huge different. The iMac has very similar hardware specification. The only feature that stands out more from the Surface Studio is the Studio Mode and the very high quality and thin display. In our view the Surface Studio is very expensive for the average consumer and therefore should go for the iMac (highest specification) if they wish to buy a All-In-One desktop computer. However for those who do heavy editing tasks, then the Surface Pro is the one to go for. At the end of the day, both of these desktop computers are great in terms of functionality and build quality, however the Surface Studio has a heftier price tag on it as well as couple new cool features.

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