Next Generation iPhone (2017)

What We Can Expect From The Next Generation iPhone


When it comes to the release of the upcoming iPhones, everyone gets a little excited. There are so many expectations and rumours in which we keep looking out for. We first need predict what they are going to call it. The latest iPhone that has already been released is called 'iPhone 7 and 7+', however we do not know if the next generation iPhone will be called that. Because this will be their 10th generation iPhone, it could be called anything, from iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, iPhone 10 or even the iPhone X, as you can see, there are so many different possibilities. For now we will call it iPhone 2017 in order to avoid any inaccurate predictions. So far what we have got from the iPhone 7 is, water resistant, more storage capacity, higher and quicker performance and finally a very decent camera. 

If Apple delivers what we have always wanted them to deliver, we can expect that this will be a best selling phone globally. Even though we keep getting promises from Apple executives that they will deliver certain features on an iPhone that we won't be able to live without, instead they keep giving us minimum upgrades at the best. What we need from this upcoming release is an revolutionary upgrade which would tempt us even more into buying an iPhone. With iPhone 7, the removal of the headphone jack was probably the biggest disappointment we got from Apple. And no, that was not a courageous move, it was a stupid one, because it caused many problems for those who have or had expensive headphones as well as not being able charge and listen to music at the same time.

Maybe all this holding back and delays were because of the release of the 10th anniversary iPhone. Maybe after all these years, we will get what we've always expected from Apple. There are rumours that suggest that the upcoming iPhone could be a reversion of what Apple released 10 years ago will be a magnificent revolution that will once again outline the level of activities a phone can do. The question is can Apple deliver such hefty expectations? We expect that the release of the upcoming iPhone to be in the fall of 2017 which will be early September as usual, that is if Apple doesn't change it's standard schedule for the iPhone release. Until that time, we will closely monitor the situation and stay updated with the latest updates and rumors.

Specifications That We May See On The Next iPhone

  • Better performance processor (possibly next generation processor. Maybe A11 or A10X).

  • Glass or ceramic outer body.

  • Edge to edge display like the Samsung Galaxy Edge.

  • No home button or even a virtual home button.

  • Better water resistance capability

  • Wireless charging

  • Obviously a better camera.

  • Apple pencil compatibility.

  • Iris scan technology as an alternative to Touch ID.

Biggest Feature. Will We Get Wireless Charging?

After the release of the wireless Airpods for the iPhone 7. We should expect wireless charging. Maybe apple will include wireless charging and keep the lighting connector for headphone connectivity. Many analysts and technology news press have been making a lot of talks in regards to this topic. Many different resources have reported that Apple is hiring wireless-charging experts to implement a wireless charging system. There has been also reports on Apple partnering up with different manufacturing companies who will possibly make the charging modules for the next iPhone. We should remind ourselves, as well as Apple that smartphone Giant, Samsung has wireless charging available on its Samsung Galaxy S6 since 2015.

Better Camera Quality

Apple will probably be thinking about a dual-lens camera. Unfortunately, with the iPhone 7, we were only able to get a dual lens on the Plus version. We will be hoping that Apple does not repeat the same mistake as last time. They might as well release another version of the 5C and SE if they wish to give us low quality features on their flagship smartphones.

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