Notebook Vs Desktop

Which is Better & Which One To Buy?

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There's always been a conflict on whether Desktop computers or Notebook computers are better. When choosing to buy a new system, it is really difficult to choose the right type, brand or model. In this article we will discuss the positive and negative points about both computer systems as well as some makes and models that are popular.

Before researching for a computer system, whether its notebook or desktop, it is important to list down your need and requirements. Certain people just want a computer to surf around the internet as well as do some productivity tasks, however, other people need more power so they can operate some more heavy tasks. It's good to also know that in both type of the systems, there are powerful configuration specifically built for the users needs.

Desktops Computers

In the current market, there are still a huge variety of desktop computers from low range prices to very expensive prices. There are also different hardware specifications specific for each model. The most important aspect of a desktop computer is it's processor or CPU, this is the computers brain, which processes each computer process or activity. The better the CPU, the more activities it can process. INTEL and AMD are the two competitors when it comes to processors, with INTEL being a more premium brand than AMD.

There are the average and tower desktops, Gaming desktops which are also tower desktops and have a very high and expensive hardware specifications, there is also all in one desktops which are built and integrated within the desktop monitor. Here are some examples of brands selling the different types of desktops that we just discussed:

Dell Inspiron Desktop: This is a slim and cheap desktop computer tower with minimal hardware specs. It comes with INTELs i3 & i5 processor which makes it great for the average consumer. It can have up-to 12GB of RAM and has a SSD of up-to 128GB which enables users to run more programs and load their data faster. The great thing about this desktop computer is that it's cheap, however the downside is that it doesn't include a monitor and can not be used for heavy operations such as photo editing, video editing or developing applications.

Alienware AREA-51 Desktop: This is probably one of the best gaming desktops in the market in regards to its hardware specifications as well as design. There are customisable hardware specification, so the user can choose whatever hardware component listed for that model. This desktop computer is perfect for those who like gaming as well as operate heavy tasks such as media editing and app development. The disadvantage of this product is that it is very expensive and doesn't come with a monitor, like the Dell Inspiron desktop, a monitor must be purchased separately.

Apples21.5 inchiMAC with Retina Display: This is a all in one desktop and has a few customisable options available, however the price is a little expensive. With the price that is paid for this product, consumers can buy a gaming desktop for a similar price or a little bit more. This desktop is perfect for video editing, photo editing and website development. It is also great for the average consumer as well, that is if they don't mind paying a hefty price for it.

One disadvantage that applies to all the types of desktop computers that we discussed is that they are not portable at all. Unlike notebooks and laptops, they can not be carried around from one place to the other, unless a viable form of transport is available. However, desktop computers are still used in offices, therefore they are still favourable to business sector and can store higher hardware specification due to the large cases they come with.

Notebooks & Laptops

Laptops and notebooks have become very popular in todays market. The majority of consumers have one at hand. The portability of a notebook makes it the best consideration when wanting to choose what to buy. There are obviously a lot of limitations that come with a notebook, but it is the best option when it comes to portability. It is also great for students that wish to do many functions with it in classes or lectures as well as using it for personal needs. The great thing about todays generation of notebooks is that they come with better hardware specifications that before, so there is a notebook for any type of consumer, here are some examples that we have listed for you:

HP 250 G4 Notebook: This is probably one of the cheapest notebook computers out there. It comes with very minimal specifications. It has a low processor, decent storage and a small screen. It is great for someone who enjoys surfing the internet as well as some productivity activities. This notebook is not good for running many apps at once and also not good for photo and video editing.

Asus ROG G752: This notebook is perfect for gaming and running heavy applications. For those who enjoy photo and video editing as well as developing apps and websites, this is the perfect notebook. It has a really good processor as well as customisable storage for up to 1TB. This notebook is mostly on the expensive side, but it is great for those who like a powerful notebook that is portable.

Macbook Pro with Retina Display (2016): A little bit on the expensive side, but this notebook is great for those who like editing photos, developing websites as well as productivity activities. It is built on high quality hardware specification but limited on the customisation. 

The downside of buying a notebook is that you can not customise it too much with better hardware components. The positive side of it is that they all include a battery which means that users don't need to use a power source for many hours.  

At the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to figure out what they need or require. For some it's about the price and portability and for others it's about performance or portability. In our opinion notebook computers are more feasible when it comes to price, portability, performance (in some aspects) and popularity. 

So there you have it, our article on notebook and desktop computers. We hope that we have assisted you in choosing the right type of computer system. And remember, at Electroclinic we offer a variety of hardware components for your laptops or desktops as well services if in need for repair or upgrade. For more information in regards to our services and products, you can call us on 02073512801 or email us [email protected] You can also visit our website at to find out information on what we offer.