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Best Apps To Use For Password Management

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In the current tech era, users tend to sign up to a lot of online accounts. Now imagine how many passwords you have for those online accounts. The average user tends to have; social media accounts, more than one email account, online shopping accounts as well as many other miscellaneous online accounts. According to online statistics, the average individual has an estimate of more than 100 online accounts. Users tend to re-use the same password four times within their online accounts or use 3 to 4 passwords within their accounts.

Some individuals do not enjoy remembering, typing or writing their passwords down over and over again in order to have access to their online account. And as the tech world moves towards cloud computing and online computing, there will be more and more online accounts that people would have to sign up with. 

Luckily there are apps that enable you to management your passwords. For those who want to keep their online and offline account passwords secure and manageable, there are some passwords encrypted management apps that work on a few platforms as well as desktop and mobile devices. Here are some of our recommendations that we have found for you.


This password manager might be a bit of an underdog compared with other password managers on the market, but it does have some decent features within its desktop platform application. The home screen of the desktop application can be added to an embedded web browser as soon as the user logs in. Another RoboForm feature has an password vault, and it enables users to immediately log in to their accounts with just a click of a button. This application is compatible with; Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android and iOS platform.


LastPass is one of the leading password management applications and very popular amongst users. It has different pricing plans for different types of users, whether it is for personal or enterprise use. This application is available for almost all platforms as well as the majority of devices. One of the coolest features of LastPass is that it enables users to share their stored passwords between their different devices. It also gives free unlimited storage for your different passwords as well as automatic backup features.


This is a free and paid license app which has some advanced features that businesses may find useful. Some of it’s features include; categorisation, password generating, password tagging and organising and also the ability to create various password storage vaults.

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