Save Battery Life on MacBooks

How to Increase The Battery Life Of MacBooks


MacBooks are very good when it comes to battery life. They tend to work throughout pretty much the whole day before plugging them into charge. The new MacBook Pro’s can last up to 10 hours when being used and are connected to the internet.

If in any chance you still have an older model MacBook, then you can be sure that their battery life isn’t too great. Maybe some can’t afford a new notebook or maybe they need their MacBook for development or testing purposes. Maybe you just want to pass it to someone else and make sure it’s in the perfect shape before giving it away.

In order to overcome this battery life issue, you should buy another external battery bank. This will make your laptop bag a bit more bulkier, but instead it will give you a few more hours of battery life.

You can also make some small changes to the preferences and settings of your MacBook in order to give it a bit more juice to live on. Mac OSX usually offers many default energy saving and monitoring tools in order to help you extend your battery life. One setting that must be turned off on both mobile devices and notebooks are the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, these two features take a lot of battery life if turned on, therefore if you are not using one or both of them, turn them off, it will save a lot of battery life.

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