Smart Travelling

How to Use Technology to Your Benefit When Travelling Abroad


Back in the days, when travelling, we usually had to make a checklist on remembering some of our travel essentials. In this day and age, most people tend to fully prep everything though their tech devices such as; smartphones and smart watches. Before travelling abroad, it’s always good to download a few different apps that would be useful when you’re out and about. Here are some useful apps that you can immediately download on your smartphone when making start to finish journey.

Flight Booking Apps

When planning for a trip, it’s always good to find the best and cheapest deals online. You are obviously presented with unlimited options when it comes to hotel and flight booking. Firstly, it’s great to point out that booking a flight and hotel deal may be more beneficial and cheaper than booking them each separately (unless you already have somewhere to stay in that location). The best app to check for flight and hotel deals are; cheapflights app. You can easily search it in your device’s app store and it will come up.

Finding Unique Tourist Attractions

There are typical tourist attractions that everybody knows, and there are also unique and cultural places that some may know of. If you want to stride out from your typical track and see more interesting attractions, then download the ‘Like a Local’ app. This app is designed to work offline as well as online, and provides you with various recommendation of different local attractions within that city. You can see more, do more and eat more with this app.

Check Your Flight

Before leaving for the airport, it’s always great and very important that you check your flight and see if you have any delays. ‘Flight Tracker Free’ is the best app for flight checking, it checks all the flights around the world and also gives you constant updates. It also shows you a seat plan of your flight so you can know where in the plane you are located. It also includes a map of the airport as well as the gate.

Taxi Apps

You need to make sure you have a taxi app such as ‘Uber’ in case there were no on-site taxi’s available in the location you are at. Uber is a global company, and has many drivers all over the world. It’s cheap and efficient, all you need is internet to be connected and you can buy roaming internet data to access your apps.

Currency Apps

Knowing the rate of a country’s currency beforehand is always a good idea in case of being ripped off by currency exchangers. You need only one app to check the currency, and that is ‘XE Currency’ app. This is the most legitimate and popular apps out there. You can also access recently updated rates offline. This app is also available for use in iOS and android devices as well as Apple Watch.

Translation Apps

The most up-to-date translation app of all time is ‘Google Translate’. It’s not only an online tool, but there are apps for both Android and iOS devices. If you wish to translate a specific text from where you are traveling, then this is the app for you. It can translate in between different languages as well as give you voice-over results on specific languages such as; English, Arabic and Spanish.

VPN Services

Being able to access some websites such as; Facebook and YouTube may not be possible in certain countries such as; North Korea, Saudi Arabia and China. The majority of censored websites are based within the Middle East. VPN services such as ‘Express VPN’ have a smart app which enable you to switch on and switch off your VPN service with just a touch of a button. It’s always a good idea to get a paid VPN service, and if you’re only going away for a couple of weeks, then buying a one month plan is very feasible. Express VPN is the fastest and most secure VPN service out there; it has been ranked as number one in many review and ranking websites and tested by us. It doesn’t log any of your data and is secure.

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