Staying Secure When Shopping Online

How To Keep Your Details Secure When Shopping Online


Shopping online is probably one of the most popular actives that the general public tend to do. Whether it's buying a gift, a personal item or generally browsing shopping sites, you never be sure who will be lurking in the corner waiting to attack and steal your sensitive information. Certain online shops require you to sign up an account with them as well as entering your payment information after the point of checkout. In this article we will explain how you can stay secure online.

Use Third Party Security Software

Internet security software suites are the best tools you can use when checking out or entering your payment information. Internet security software giant, Bitdefender, will automatically detect any websites in which you have to enter your payment information. It will refer you to a independent secure browser in which you can start entering your payment information. 

For those times that you would have to use passwords to log in to your account on a shopping website and you don't remember what you password is, then it is best that you use a password manager. In one of our previous articles, we have discussed different password management applications that are safe and secure to use.

How to Protect Yourself Online

Different Passwords

Using the same passwords over and over again can be very dangerous. It's understandable that some users do not enjoy remembering passwords, but hey, that's why there are password management apps. 

Use Guest Checkout

If you are only purchasing an item or service once only, use their guest checkout service (if they have one). Creating accounts and entering your personal details may be very risky, specially if that online shop does not have a very secure website.

Two-step verification

Two-step verification is a very good method of signing into your accounts, it prevents hackers from accessing your account through a password only method. Using a authentication app or switching on the two-step authentication settings on your accounts will keep your account very secure. It will basically prompt you a code as soon as you try to sign in. 


It's very important to know whether the data that is sent in between the browser and the website is secure and encrypted. Websites which do not have a HTTPS in their URL are marked as insecure, meaning the data is unencrypted and can fall into the wrong hands. 

Use Long & Difficult Passwords

It's always best to use complex and long passwords. Most online websites require or/and recommend you to use complex password. Using passwords with capital letters, numbers, symbols and spaces will make your website very secure. Password which are made from public information or personal information such as your name or your pets name are not very secure, because hackers can easily search that information through public account and use a different combinations of that website. 

And that's how you should stay secure when shopping online and creating online account. Make sure you follow all these methods and steps in order to stay safe online. As soon as you feel that your sensitive information such as your payment information has been breached, go ahead cancel your bank card and inform that online shopping company that you have been breached.

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