The Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems

Comparison Between Different Mobile Operating Systems

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When shopping for a new mobile phone, apart from the hardware specifications, you need to also look deeply into the software side of it as well. It's vital to know what kinds of software features you're looking for before buying a mobile or tablet device. In some cases some consumers jump right ahead and buy their favourite brands  without doing any research.

In this article we are going to discuss the big players in the mobile platform market and their comparison in terms of features, functionality and security. We are also going to list some pros and cons for each platform in order give some perspective about which platform suits which type of user.

At the moment the main three competitors in the market are; Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Windows's Mobile. These three companies have always  found different ways to update their mobile platforms and make it better for the consumers. For example, apple has a large mixture of high quality apps, whereas android give you the freedom to control your device and windows mobile is great for productivity. Back in 2010 and 2011, Blackberry was very popular towards the average and business consumers. It had some great features which gained it's popularity, and that is why we're not going to leave it behind to rot.





- Great Performance: When it comes to fluidity and performance, apple always wins. Other platforms might have lagging issues at times, but at the majority of the times, the iOS is always consistent when it comes to performance and fluid scrolling to other apps.

- Brilliant Security: Due to its limitations, the iOS has been known for excellent security when it comes to malware. Even if your phone is jailbroken, it still maintains some aspects of security.

- User Friendly: The iOS is probably the most user friends mobile platform that ever existed. Users can easily navigate to settings, apps and media without trying to look for folders and files. 

- Synchronisation: Another benefit of using the iOS is the you can synchronise all your apps & app data, media as well as other data to your iPad. You can pretty much synch all your content to the MAC OS except for your apps and app data which is only compatible to iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). They also a very secure iCloud storage service which enables users to back up all the content on their devices.


- Not Open Source: Unlike android, you can not manually install the iOS onto the phone from scratch. The only way to format the platform is to restore it from iPhone setting. Developers also have the difficulty of not being able to upload their apps for users to download and install for themselves, it must go authorised by apple and must only be downloaded the apples app store.

- Platform Limitations: Apple has set a lot of limits to the iOS devices. Users often complain about not having the freedom to control their own devices completely, which is why most users switch from iOS devices to android devices. Android allows users to download any files such as apps, software, media and other types of file extensions.

- Specific to only Apple iPhones: Another downside to the iOS is that it is only available to apple mobile devices (iPhone & iPads) which makes it difficult for other brands to integrate their devices to the iOS platform. Also consumers would have to spend a lot of money on apple devices only to use their mobile platform.


- Data Synchronisation Through Gmail: When you set up a google play account, the android platform enables you to synchronise  data to your google account (gmail) which is accessible in any other android device.

- Open Source: Android allows users to download apps through third party sites as well as the google play app store. So this allows developers to release their apps to users. This gives freedom to users to download any android app available over the net.

- UI Customisation: Android has the benefit of enabling users to customise their user interface, meaning you can add any apps or widgets on the main page.

- Less Expensive: Because of the thousands of devices the Android platform supports, consumers are able to buy less expensive devices whereas the iOS only supports apple mobile devices.


- Insecure: Because android users are able to do pretty much everything in their phone and download a lot of different files, it may cause software and data vulnerability due to downloading and executing malware by accident.

- Lagging: Because the Android platform is open to a lot of devices with different hardware specification, it may cause some lags and unstability with some devices.  

- Network Issues: It has been known that some Android updates on certain devices cause network connection loss. So before buying a android device, check if there is any bugs or errors with the current Android version and whether it causes network connection loss or any other software functionality issues.

- Spam Ads: Downloading free apps might be obtained very easily for free, but there are downfalls with some of these apps. They will create ad icons to be displayed next to the app that was downloaded



- Design: Windows Mobile has the advantage of having a very unique and sophisticated design compared to Apple and Android. Windows mobile platform has live tiles which enables users to customise their home screen with photos, emails as well as other content.

- Voice Command: With the power of the bing search engine, Microsofts voice command tool (Cortana) is a very great tool as it learns more when it is constantly used by the user.

- Productivity: Microsoft is famous for it office suite, and with windows mobile, all the office application are right in your hands, you can manage, edit, save and synch all your Microsoft Office files exactly the same way  as desktop platforms.


Synchronisation: It is very difficult to transfer your previous data from other platforms (iCloud, Google Account).

- App Store: Compared to Apple and Google, Windows Mobile has limited apps in its app store with only around 200,000 apps available for download. Statistics show that Apple and Android have over 2 million apps on their app store whereas Microsoft has just over 650,000 apps.

- Update Availability: Developers tend to update their apps on Windows Mobile later than usual which causes app instability to consumers.



- Connectivity/Social Feed: The blackberry platform was known for it's connectivity Messengers such as BBM (Blackberry Messenger), Whatsapp, Googletalk, yahoo messenger and other messaging services. BBM was very popular with youngsters back in 2010/2011.

- Email Client: This feature was very handy to business consumers, as Blackberry's email client enabled users to sync with enterprise servers.

- Network Configuration: Features such as network or VPN (Virtual Private Network) setup were much easier to manage than other platforms, which made it the convenient phone for business consumers.


- App Availability: The app availability in the blackberry platform is very low. Blackberry has the lowest number of apps available in its app store. So if you like having a variety of different apps on your phone to use on the go, then this is not a phone for you.

- User Customisation: Unlike android, there is very little customisation you can do to the user interface.

- User Friendly: As much as iOS interface is very simple to use, the blackberry phone is a little more complex than the leading competitors. 

- Device Availability: Like iOS devices, the Blackberry OS is only available to Blackberry devices. It's not like android where it supports thousands of makes and models.

It's very difficult to choose the right device with the right platform. Honestly it doesn't matter which one you pick. There are obviously minor differences between each platform, but overall they pretty much have the same features. For those who would like to develop and have absolute control over their phone, then Android is the best. For those who like design and productivity, Windows would be a very good option. And finally for those who like security and fluidity and user friendly interface then the iOS would be a fantastic choice

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