Turn Your Mac into A Wi-Fi Access Point

How to Transform Your Mac into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


There are now millions of computer users who own a Mac or MacBook over the world. A lot of these users do not, however, know that their MacBooks or iMacs can have double the bandwidth range as typical Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, you may have a connection that is wired and may want to share it with a Wi-Fi supported device such as; an iPhone or tablet. You can easily transform your Mac into a Wi-Fi access point without the requirement of additional software or hardware. It is also achievable to re-transmit your current Wi-Fi connection; however, this requires an additional external accessory. In the article, we will show you how to broadcast your internet connection from a wired connection, as there is no point in sharing an existing wireless connection that others can already use unless it’s for security reasons.


1 – First thing is first. You must first go to your system preferences by either clicking the Apple logo on the top left bar and then clicking ‘System Preferences’ from the drop-down menu.

2 – When the ‘System Preferences’ has opened in a new window. You will then have to navigate to ‘Sharing’ settings from ‘System Preferences’

3 – In the sharing settings windows, next to ‘Share your connection from:’, choose the ‘Ethernet’ connection from the drop-down list. So basically, in this step, you are choosing the source of the connection which can be any, but we have chosen the ‘Ethernet’ connection for now.

4) On the same window, next to ‘to computers using:’, tick the ‘Wi-Fi’ option. At this point, a Wi-Fi access point is created via an Ethernet internet connection. Your MacBook is now a Wi-Fi access point and can be used to connect devices to a Wi-Fi connection.


5) There are some additional and optional changes you can make as well. On the ‘Sharing’ setting window, click on the ‘Wi-Fi Options...’, in the pop up dialog box, you can change your network name, as well as the security option to ‘WPA2 Personal’ and add a password for access as well (must do for security reasons).

6) Finally, make sure the ‘Internet Sharing’ option is also ticked. A pop up dialog box will appear, click on ‘start’ option so that your Mac begins to share the Wi-Fi connection.

So there it is, six simple steps into transforming your Mac into a Wi-Fi access point. Remember, Electroclinic offers a variety of different networking services such as router setup, cabling and network security alterations. You can contact us simply by calling us on 02073512801 or drop us an email at [email protected]