Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What service does the Electroclinic provide?

  • Replace broken screen on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Camera and Watches, The turn around time to replace is approximately 10-30 minutes
  • Mobile phones, Tablets and Laptops could take up to two hours or more, Electroclinic also provides services such as Liquid Damage Repair, Data Recovery and more, common brands that we repair are ( apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPods, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Sony XA, Sony Z5, Sony Z3 and many more make and model. Please contact us for more information on 02077515954


  • For a diagnosis and repair estimates for damaged Devices (most damages are repairable), submit inquiries to Electroclinic.
  • We also buy used Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptop devices, sell your device today, For more detailed information please call our store on 02077515954 or alternatively use the contact form. 

  • Electroclinic provides on-demand IT support for home and businesses with affordable rates.

Q2. What if my device or my problem is not listed in the repair menu ?

  •  If your device is not listed in the repair menu please navigate to the form which is under the ( select colour of your device) and has a black button called  (Here), once you click on ( Here) the form will open up and, enter your details along with the details of your device and once you complete the form click on send, one of our team members will assess the device and the problem and will contact you shortly, if the problem is not listed please use (other) option from (choose your issue) drop down menu

Q3. If I mail my device for repairs, do I have to pay for shipping and is my device insured?

  • Within certain Post Codes, EC offers a free collection and delivery service.
  • For postage we simply charge £8.00 for recorded delivery 

Q4. What is the warranty on my repair?

  • Electroclinic offers a 1-year warranty on all replacement products and repair services, Liquid damage devices are only covered for 3-month, For further details please refer to our Terms and Conditions or call  02077515954

Q5. How long do repairs typically take?

  • If you choose to visit a local Electroclinic , repairs take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on make & model.
  • If you choose to Repair-by-Mail, we guarantee a 1-7 business day turnaround (in special circumstance Terms and Conditions may apply)

Q6. How can I sell my old device?

  • We purchase most old or broken Devices. Simply enter your information on our Trade-In section on our website to find out how much you can get!
  • alternately call our store or drop by the store to get a exact valuation.

Q7. What are my options if my area does not have a local Electroclinic?

  • Use our Repair-by-Mail services via our website
  • Call the store on 02077515954 to arrange a collection of your device if you are within our supported Post Code area.