Service Warranty

Electroclinic Ltd, will not be responsible if the device has been physically damaged or has liquid ingress prior to handling. We will only be responsible for the requested repair areas. We will not be responsible for the lost or damage to any phone that has not been picked up within 30 days of first date left with us.

Liquid Damage: Devices which are faulty due to liquid ingress will have only 30 days warranty on the specific component fixed/replaced or work done (i.e.; no warranty for the failure of any additional components at a later stage). Furthermore, due to possible progressive corrosion, Electroclinic accept no responsibility for any further faults which occur during the time between the quotation and the commencement of repairs.

Settings and Data: Backup your Data. It is very important that you save any data to your personal computer / sim card. Please be aware that during the process of assessment, diagnosis and repair, it is possible that all of the user software settings and data will not be lost, however it is best to be saved off your phone in the rare of event that it is lost. Please assume that all data will be lost when sending your product to us. Electroclinic accepts no responsibility for such losses.

Postage: Postage applies to the repair of product that will be post to Electroclinic and/or require to return by mail.

Electroclinic will notify customers of the postage fee upon quotation of the job. In the rare event of a lost phone in transit, Electroclinic does not take any responsibility for lost/stolen goods in transit, whilst we do use and recommend reputable freight companies to pick up and deliver.

Warranty: Electroclinic Repair Warranty applies where the exact same fault occurs or the replaces component fails within 12 months of repair. A 12-month warranty on parts & labor will apply to all repairs completed. A 30-day warranty applies to repair of liquid damaged phones.

The Warranty is Void: Upon return of the device, if the Electroclinic repair warranty label is tampered in any way whatsoever, or if any other party attempts repairs on the device, or if the device has been physically or liquid damaged, the warranty is void.

No Warranty: Electroclinic does not provide any warranty for the installation of any spare parts supplied by the customer. Labour charges will apply for the uninstallation of spare parts where the spare part installed was not supplied by Electroclinic. Labour charges may also apply for any cancellation or reversals of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repairs has been given. terms and Conditions of Diagnosis and Repair

Right Reserved on Unpaid / Uncollected Products

Electroclinic reserves the right to dispose of products and/or sell the phone 30 days after notification of completion of repairs if the service fee is unpaid and/or if the products are not collected in this time.

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